Spring into Summer

Welcome to our website! Every year before the summer starts we make sure our Elephant Belle and our Elephant Beatnik bean bag are well stocked up for the season ahead! These Elephant bean bags come in two sizes known as the Jumbo and Junior. They are a top seller with their vibrant patterns and colours, they bring the summer into your home. Elephant bean bags come in an array of colours but the Belle and Beatnik are the only patterned bean bag we have. Search on our website for the Belle and Beatnik, you will not be disappointed, plus we provide free delivery on all orders of Elephant bean bags. You will find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so pop over and come say hi!

Christmas is coming…

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway here at Elephant HQ. We are busy getting all the orders ready for Santa and his elves. For delivery of your Elephant bean bag to Ireland in time for Christmas please order by 1pm on 21st December. For delivery of your Elephant bean bag to the UK in time for Christmas please order by 1pm on 19th December. Any Elephant bean bags ordered after these dates we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. So don’t delay, order you Elephant bean bag today! From everyone here at Elephant HQ we would like to wish all our customer a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Until next time…

Elephant Dog Beds – Comfort for your pooch!

Elephant bean bags have been designed to provide you with the utmost comfort. Thousands of tiny beads are weaved together to give you a feeling of intense relaxation. Not only your comfort, but The Elephant Bean Bags realise that after a long and tiring day your dogs need rest too. This is good news for dog owners as Elephant Bean Bags has produced extraordinarily comfy dog beds. The amazing range of dog beds will give your room a stylish look. More importantly, it is designed with the softest filling, keeping your dog’s comfort in mind. This means that your dog can recline on this delicate dog bed and snooze for hours. Your best friend deserves an ultra-soft spot and at Elephant, you can get just that. You no longer have to worry about dull, traditional dog beds, because Elephant Bean Bags bring forth ultra-stylish and contemporary dog beds,which are just perfect for your dog. This is great news for all pet lovers who keep their dogs close to their heart. Get rid of the boring, old dog bed and bring in the all-new, modern dog bed that offers unmatchable relaxation. Your dog will be thanking you for the years to come. Elephant offers practical colours such as black and brown along with cool, camouflage print. You no longer have to worry about your dog’s mucky paw prints on your bed because now your dog has its very own dog bed. All dog beds come with a nylon cover, which is easy to wipe and maintain. The Elephant dog bed is large enough for your pet to unwind, stretch and unfold its body, providing it the ultimate comfort. There is no doubt that your four-legged friend loves treats but entice it with a new kind of treat – a dog bed. It’s a great place for your dog to sleep, rest and play. Place the dog bed anywhere around the house and allow your dog to enjoy some quality time. Not only will your dog feel well-rested and rejuvenated but it will also adore you even more for bringing it this amazingly comfortable bed. You can rest assured that we use the best quality materials to manufacture dog beds to ensure your four-legged friend it treated the best. All dog beds are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about mucky paw prints all over the bed. What’s more, Elephant is quite familiar with delivering ultimate comfort to adults and children, therefore, it is well aware of the level of comfort your canine friend is looking for. Dog beds are a perfect gift to give your four-legged so if you would like to know more about these dog beds, call Elephants today and speak to a representative who will assist you accordingly. Remember our Elephant dog beds are fuss-free to clean and provide absolute comfort to your canine friend. You will be doing a huge favour for your pet by purchasing a dog bed for it. What are you waiting for? Buy one today!

Elephant Quilted Range – Luxuriously Comfortable

Elephant Bean Bags have reached at a certain level of sophistication in the desire for comfort. The previous generation may never have imagined reclining on a comfy bean bag. Whereas today, an eight year old will have the best time of his/her life on a snugly bean bag playing his/her favourite video game. Whether you had an extremely tiring day at the office or had a difficult day with the children, these ridiculously comfy and outrageously stylish bean bags will relax your muscles in an almost magical way. Elephant Bean Bags add vigour and colour to the life of your house. They have been specially designed to provide you the highest standard of quality comfort. Their rich and deep colours have an unmatchable attractiveness. These big, ultra-soft bean bags can be put anywhere in your house for aesthetic purposes; an excellent way to impress your guests. Some of Elephant’s products include the Elephant Jumbo Bean Bags, Elephant Junior Bean Bags, Elephant Cube, Elephant Kumo and much more -all of these with new and exciting designs and colours. Elephant has introduced a new quilted range of bean bags. These have been designed with the most comfortable quilted faux leather to make your body relax in the most unimaginable ways. What’s more, they are stylish too! A great example of where luxury meets fashion - it doesn’t get any better than this. This sophisticated quilted range comes in Jumbo, Junior and Cube models. These quilted models will help your body unwind whenever, wherever you want. They are now available in black, gold, Merlot red and smoke grey providing you with incredible options. Let’s take a look at the three ranges separately. Jumbo Elephant Quilted: Using soft nylon quilted material, the Elephant quilted jumbo is best for lying down and fully reclining in the most glamorous fashion. It exudes an air of fashion and style. Whether at a party or playing video games, this huge elephant quilt will come in handy. Cube Elephant Quilted: This quilt defines luxury and comfort. Made from an amazing quality of quilt, this is a superb addition to your house. It is versatile and portable which makes it a superb choice for luxurious living. Junior Elephant Quilted: Specifically designed for kids, this junior elephant quilt allows your restless child great comfort. This perfect seating solution makes the best use of your living space. Furthermore, it is portable so you can bring it along regardless of where you plan to go. This stylish quilt will be the coolest thing in your house. Now with Elephant’s Quilted range, add colour and exuberance to your home’s living room or your office’s lounge. These amazing and exciting quilts will change the way you think about comfort. They will set new standards for stylish and luxurious living. All of these products are offered at special discounts. Decorate your house or office with the amazing range of quilted bean bags offered by Elephant.

Elephant Kumo – Cosy & Super Trendy

Bean bags are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, patterns and design. Too often, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right kind of bean bag with such a varied selection at your disposal. However, it is important to note that every bean bag has a particular purpose. Take for instance, the Elephant Kumo, it is not only cosy enough to relax, sleep and chill out with friends and family but is also a stylish addition to your existing décor. It also folds out into a very comfy 5ft x 5ft memory foam filled matress. The Elephant Kumo can be used for just about everything, regardless of where you wish to relax and enjoy a favourite pastime. The Elephant Kumo is filled with soft, cloud-like memory foam and provides optimum support to your body frame. You can sink into this blissful, squashy comfort while you soak up the sunshine outside or warm up against a cosy fireplace in the winter. The Elephant Kumo is simply perfect for all kinds of comfort endeavours. No matter where you want to place the Elephant Kumo, you can rest assured that it will add an aesthetic appeal to your overall interior. Elephant Bean Bags offer a wide range of beanbags for hotels, schools, offices, residential properties, physical rehabilitation clinics and much more. Select from an extensive range of shape, size and colour that is suitable for your individual seating need. The Elephant Kumo is the quintessence of modern design that integrates style and comfort to provide an absolute relaxing experience. The Elephant Kumo is like any other because its unimposing nature complements both indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can rest assured that by placing the Elephant Kumo anywhere in your home, it will uplift the décor and what’s more you can sink to the very comfy memory foam filled beanbag. The Elephant Kumo comes in a wide selection of colours that match perfectly with you décor. This includes real mocha, urban black, vibrant red, chocolate brown and smoke grey. The Elephant Kumo adds new life and spirit to your favourite spots within your home. It further accentuates the décor in your home through the various colours available. For example, soothing hues can convert your patio into a calming oasis while vibrant colours can liven up your game room. Either way the Elephant Kumo boasts the highest standard of quality without compromising on style and comfort. By purchasing an Elephant Kumo, you can have a peace of mind that it offers value for your money. The key features of the Elephant Kumo are quality, comfort and fun. The fun is apparent, but the comfort needs to be experienced in order to be applauded. Furthermore, the Elephant Kumo is perfect for all occasions, whether it is hosting a party or curling up to enjoy a book. Place the Elephant Kumo anywhere around the house and make it your very own comfy, ultra-soft spot. If you would like to know more about the Elephant Kumo, feel free to give Elephant Bean Bags a call and speak to a representative who would be more than happy to address your concerns. Don’t forget to avail the 25% off on all products.